Microvet is a Veterinary Practice Management system that is suitable for small- and large animal practice. Special features for the equine practice were recently added to the program. Microvet is the result of a team effort between Dr Hendrik de Swardt (veterinarian) and Anton Barnard (engineer).  Dr de Swardt has a small animal clinic in Tshwane and uses Microvet in his own practice.

Nobody understands veterinary practice better than a vet in private practice himself

Paperless office
With Microvet you can do away with your manual filing system. Everything is done electronically.

The software is user friendly and very little training is necessary to use the program. The initial training is free and is given at our office in Pretoria. Onsite training is also available.

It is very easy to install Microvet and you do not need special expertise. The installation routine is a standard Windows setup procedure and is described in the manual.

Demonstration software
A demonstration copy and manual of the software is available on request. It is a full copy of the software but has a date limit.