Otomys Software Solutions are the developers of Microvet, South Africa’s leading practice and business management software designed for every type of veterinary practice.

The company name, “Otomys” has special significance.  Firstly, it refers to an animal, and the software was developed by a veterinarian for veterinarians.  The first part of the scientific name “Oto” refers to “Ear” and the second part “Mys” means “Mouse”.  Otomys is the genus name of the indigenous large-eared mouse.  Secondly, it is an important attribute of the company that it has “big ears” that listen exceptionally well to their clients’ needs.  And thirdly, a mouse was chosen because the computer mouse is the link between the human and the computer.


Microvet was created in 1990 by Dr. Hendrik de Swardt for his own veterinary practice in Pretoria. Today about one third of all the veterinary practices in South Africa use Microvet.  Not only is Dr. de Swardt the developer of Microvet, but he is also an end-user of practice management software and consequently he has first-hand knowledge of the needs of a veterinary practice.  It is well worth mentioning that Microvet has developed over the years from primarily small animal practice management software to a comprehensive program that is used by wildlife vets, large animal vets, animal welfare organisations, doggy parlours, kennels, equine practices and breeders.